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No Fier
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No Fier

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[English barrier]
Hello, I buy new laptop 1 month ago and I still
understand why I don't have
?i did check the
, is not MUTE
I use
runescape help
fallow all the steps how to fix that but nothing.
RE instal rs3
- about
3 times
sound is ON
everywhere but not in rs3.
Bigest ???????? mark is = why is not on my sound mixer?
when I play osrs I can see osrs sound on SOUND MIXER but when I play rs3 = nothing.
If anyone knows how to fix that, I give you a lot of karma points (lol) :)
Thank you! p.s. NO F
ER nick = yes I know!!!!!

19-Mar-2019 23:26:50

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi No Fier.

You need to install DirectX on your PC.

The RS3 NXT client does not use it for the graphics, but it does use the sound facilities of DirectX.

You can get DirectX here:
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