item disapiering from bank

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sanjis23 said:
and email i recived it was acualy like jagex <--- the one i got it from

Do not click on links if your computer is telling you it's a virus page then that's what it is. Unless your firewall settings are set to custom. I still highly doubt Jagex would send you an e-mail claiming you're selling real world items for cash. In the past, they've never done this. To combat it, they either ban your account or if you're making a huge amount selling things, send you a lawsuit in the mail.

I cannot click on any links and I wouldn't post any either. This normally results in a mute. If you want confirmation of this e-mail to see if it's really from Jagex forward it to They will confirm if they sent the e-mail or not. Explain your situation in the e-mail.

Just on the side note, I believe in my opinion, someone is trying to gain access to your computer. If Jagex replies to you and they inform you they did not send the e-mail, then you have someone trying to send you an e-mail that will hijack your computer.

If this is the case under the 1990 Computer Misuse Act it can be reported to the FBI Internet Crime division. They stop hackers in their tracks and your information may be useful in assisting them to find such criminals. However, you must have confirmation from Jagex first they did not send the e-mail.

Any other questions feel free to reply.

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Please don't post links you feel are viruses. Not only have you put yourself at risk you may have put others at risk of catching the virus.

Best not to click it. Block the E-Mail you get as it's fake. Not from Jagex.

You can ask further questions but please no more links.

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