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Rolex Pepsi

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Hello there. I tried to buy 3 pieces of old school bond using my card at first but it failed twice so i decided to use paypal and it succeeded. However, the failed attempts of using my card was still charged so i would like the problem to be fixed.....

15-Mar-2019 18:21:20

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All successful purchases you make on this website are confirmed with a message in the 'Messages' tab on your account in account management.
Check your 'Messages' tab.
How many purchase confirmation messages can you see?

If you cannot see confirmation messages for those two card purchases then the purchases did not succeed and Jagex did not get your money.
Your money would still be in your bank and will be returned to your account when your bank decides that the purchase is not proceeding.

If, on the other hand, you can see confirmation messages for all three purchases then you need to work through this support page: I can't find the Old School Bonds I purchased
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17-Mar-2019 11:41:48

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