My Bond Didn't work

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Loki Dabex
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Loki Dabex

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I purchased another one right after.the first one still didnt go through / both were purchased gp through grand exhchange ..sirry for late reply i didnt relise i had to reply and just wrote in the thread

22-Mar-2019 23:30:11

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Hi there
Loki Dabex

My guess is you redeemed it for something else instead of membership.

The only way to check is to message Billing Support and request they check your account.
Did you message Billing Support about it two weeks ago?

If you didn't, they don't know about it yet - you need to fill out a webform and submit it.

Go to this support page and use the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom to get to a message form.
While the page itself is not on your topic, the contact point will serve the purpose.

Fill out the form as best you can (it's ok to leave non * marked boxes empty).
Use the free text box to explain your problem - make sure you tell them you ended up buying a second Bond to redeem straight after.
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