Bought a bond but not appearin

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so i bought a bond yesterday and it hasnt appeared in my bond pouch or anywhere else.
Could i have bought a bond on a different account?

I got an email frm jagex detailing my character name which is different to my runescape character name. Im so confused :(

I tried reset the password from the character name from which jagex confirmed the pruchase from but it said character name is unavailable. I tried reset and they said sorry.

What do i do? :(

17-Mar-2019 10:21:12

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi Ilya211.

I'm one of the official Community helpers, and I've moved your thread to the Community Led Payment Support forum where it will be easier to get you the advice you need.

It sounds as though you bought the bond on the wrong account. See this support page for advice:
Find my Bonds

If that doesn't help, then use the Contact Us button at the bottom this page to raise a payment support ticket. Explain the issue in the additional information box.
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