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My membership runs out at the end of April, and I keep reading about the Premier Club, but keep going round in circles on the website trying to find details on it. I'm thinking I want to upgrade to that rather than a regular membership, but I need some questions answered first.

Can anyone explain to me:
1) How much it costs (I did notice there are Bronze/Silver/Gold packages of 3/6/12 months respectively?)
2) Are the costs ON TOP of the normal subscription fee?
3) How do you purchase it?

Any other details on the whole thing would be appreciated, and anyone who is or was a PC member and wants to share their experiences on whether they feel it's worthwhile would also be welcomed.

Many thanks.

21-Mar-2019 23:36:17

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Hi there

Premier Club is on sale each year from late November to early February.
I am very sorry but it is not available for purchase currently.

1) Gold Premier is cheaper than the current standard twelve month membership e.g. in USA it is USD$10 cheaper.

2) Premier Club is a membership purchase. If you have an existing subscription, a Gold Premier Club purchase would pause the existing subscription.

3) It can only be purchased by clicking on the banner headline on the website homepage (during the availability period).
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22-Mar-2019 00:39:07

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Ah, ok, thanks for answering my questions :)

You say it would "pause" my membership? So if I bought a 12 month subscription in April, then next time the chance to purchase Premier membership rolls around, then any remaining time left on my existing subscription is added to the end of the Premier subscription?

So, if I bought the Gold Premier subscription in November, that would be ~7 months into my current purchase, so I'd then have Premier for 12 months as of the point of purchase, and then 5 further months of normal membership after that ends?

Am I understanding that correctly?

25-Mar-2019 22:58:18

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