Was I actually charged?

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Recently I tried to buy a bond and my payments were denied by my bank because Jagex is based in the UK. Not a problem, called them up the following day and they set it so that payments could be processed to the UK. By the time I got the call back and had this set up I was at work, so I wasn't able to try buying a bond until I got home that night. When I did, I attempted to get the bond and the information went through without a problem and I received my bond in game. I also received a message through the message center that payment had been successful, along with an email that the transaction was complete.

However, when I check my bank statements I don't see any new payments going to Jagex. I have one back on the 11th when I paid for a membership, listed as " CAMBRIDGE GBGB", but the email I received for that was on the 7th. Does it take a few days for payment to process? If not, is there any way to tell if I have a pending balance on my account? I checked the basket(believe that was what the support page called it) and I had nothing in my checkout still. Just want to make sure no problems will come up in the future.

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Hiya, Khaldaan :)

I've had this happen myself - the payment statement usually doesn't show up immediately for me. I think it has to do with what time you're making the purchase and what bank you're using. Usually it should appear instantly or within 2 hours atleast and in some cases it might appear the day after. - But your balance should be reduced immediately.

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