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Pls make whole Wilderness multi way.
Bring back a toggle.
Turn skulled players into multi way.
Make 50% worlds multi way 50% single way.

1. Confusing when you simply don't know where is multi and single way.
One wrong step during 1v1 fight and you instantly get piled by his friends.
Also players abuse this by running to multi way, this allows to change opponent easily.
2. Wildy slayer is bugged you can't attack next npc until death animation is over, also many times when I was killing npc another one attacked me and interuped my fight.
Lastly you simply have no idea which monster you are able to attack when there are 4 aggresive npcs, I had to use Auto-reataliate...
3. When someone attacks your clanmate during WildyWyrm mass you can't help your friend, (10 players watching how his friend is being killed)
Bonus. It's wilderness there shouldn't be this restriction there are other places where players can do fair 1v1 fights if they want to.

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Stoic n Vain

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Sorry about that. It was just easier to quote myself than having to type it out.

Basically... I mentioned that in the past, Jagex made a toggle option for players to make the wilderness completely single-way or multi-way. It was easy and hugely useful. I don't think that it should have been removed. It would solve the problems this thread brings up, as every player could choose which mode to be on.
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Yeah, something needs to be done.

I can see 3 options.

1. Make whole wildy multi way.
2. Bring back a toggle.
3. Turn skulled players into multi way.

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I don’t like the idea of the whole wilderness being multi. You’d be constantly ragged and AoE skulltricked by PvP groups. I think if the multi/single mechanic only applied to player v player and not Player v monster is a better solution.

I totally agree though that the current mechanics are annoying and problematic. I’ve been dong a lot of Wildy slayer lately and it makes my trips so much slower than they need to be.
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