Buff dark beasts again

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Remember when dark beasts were increased to 1080 in max hit? It was funny hearing so many players die there. I think their max should should be buffed to 1080 again.

05-Mar-2019 13:26:39

Jack Flac

Jack Flac

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I'll just say what I said back when they were buffed and people were arguing for them to be nerfed.

They have a hard limit of 94 slayer. They means they are a high level mob. You should not be able to afk a high level mob. A high level mob should actually cause damage to you.
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06-Mar-2019 03:32:51

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Gwyndolynn said:
They’re meh money, so I think they should be meh difficulty. Seems logical to me.

This. They're also meh experience on an individual basis, so they're intended to be killed in big numbers (which is perfectly reflected by the amount you have to kill for a slayer task).

So if they're buffed, xp and loot should be buffed drastically as well and the amount to be killed for slayer tasks should be drastically reduced. I don't get it why some players are not able to see this side.
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06-Mar-2019 05:44:24

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