Legacy and EoC Equal Rights

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This isn't going to do anything... The game already caters to players who don't want to use specific things. Personally I don't want to use a zgs so I think a r2h should have equal stats to a zaros godsword because I'd rather use a rune 2h, but that shouldn't happen. It's too difficult to balance things around 2 forms of combat. Legacy already got buffed more then a year ago. You can already do all the content you need in legacy. The way you are saying it is like saying legacy is 1 race and eoc is another race. It's not discrimination that eoc has higher dps, It's intended to be that way. Osrs has a better combat system then legacy because they only have 1 that all can enjoy. Osrs also has a runelite client which have advantages over the regular client. You need to use a different client in osrs to get advantages over others. In rs3 everyone has the ability to access eoc without using a different client. We only need 1 form of combat we can all enjoy.

05-Feb-2019 13:48:13

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