Nemi Forest Flora

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I think the nemi forest is the hardest thing in runescape. I went through it 4-5 times and then another 3-4 after exiting and entering again. And then done the same again the next day and STILL couldn't find the nemi forest flora. I found everything else and its not there. I think this has to be removed as a daily challenge. I also have done this same thing about half a dozen times in the past and some times couldnt' even find it. I found it maybe 1 out of 6 or 7 times.

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Nemi Forest definitely needs fixing. Too often, it lacks many, or most, of the objectives/rewards to be found there. Today, I entered it for a daily task and there was NOTHING whatsoever to do. No flora, nothing to cleanse, no mining or Dungeoneering chest. NOTHING. That's ridiculous, and a sign of the activity being broken.

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