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I couldn't find anything under forums about this.

Jagex, I love your game, Ive been playing it for more then 10 years but I am getting very tired of you Forcing Solo players that loved quests and its lore to make them work with others just in order to finish a quest. If you wish to make a reward that makes people run with 2 or more others fine.
force us to complete your quests with randoms.

I'm not sure why this quest - Curse_of_the_Black_Stone - requires you to work with others, you can find many threads in the Forums that asks for teams because they cant finish the quest without asking for help.

I stopped this quest after not able to finish it. It is the first quest that I refuse to finish. Thanks for Ruining the quest cape path.

~ Seceroth

10-Apr-2019 00:41:10

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