Stone Spirit Prob: Unaddressed

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Hexie Kazumi
Jul Member 2012

Hexie Kazumi

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They are a bad drop. Some high level content is still providing mid to low tier stone spirits and it's absurd. The highest one on the rare drop table is still rune. Many monsters which had ore as the primary income have not been rebalanced and I've scarcely heard talk about it. Now, I don't have the skills to do telos or other endgame bosses, but I imagine that even luminite and drakolith are paltry returns for fighting max-tier stuff. Why is this barely even being discussed? Jagex said they would do their best to preserve the value of PvM and still haven't delivered. Anybody have thoughts on fixes, or just express support? Comment below.

27-Jun-2019 15:51:50

o Cypher o
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o Cypher o

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Apparently they justify pvm value by the rarest/most valuable drops and keep stone spirits for the sake of slightly nerfing the overall pvm loot values because they deemed it too high.
Stone spirits are an extremely sad drop they just suck the pvm fun right out of it. Very dissapointing to get half of the kills as stone spirit drops.

29-Jun-2019 18:07:02

Pop O
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Pop O

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yah alot of the time i find stone spirits pvming and i dont bother picking it up because if everyone did then the price would defo be 0, jagex doesnt see 0 as price they think ooo they have worth... well not really just pvmers dont bother picking up... Posts:urn bag!, hits-plats fix

30-Jun-2019 01:29:13

Hexie Kazumi
Jul Member 2012

Hexie Kazumi

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I mean, they have value to skillers. But they are so dreadfully common, there is nothing stopping the price from tanking. The other thing is, jagex did say beforehand they wanted to preserve pvm values. They were very clear that they were trying to add value to mining and smithing, without affect pvm too much. They did note that a drop would be inevitable. but I don't think a drop this significant was something they expected. Some monsters are now completely worthless.

01-Jul-2019 06:27:52

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Right. I have a few ideas that might increase their value:

A) Make them toggle-able between yielding double ore and an extra 50% xp.
B) Make them yield components when disassembled.
C) make them alchable.

In the short term, I’d say just remove them from all bosses and high level slayer until they can find a long term solution. That or they need to GREATLY increase the quantity dropped. Or they could shift them all up a tier. So that creatures dropping addy spirits drop rune and so on.

Regardless something needs to be done but nothing will.
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02-Jul-2019 18:32:09

King Kenoya

King Kenoya

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Hexie hit the nail on the head in the first post. The stone spirits that are being dropped were top tier ores pre-smithing/mining rework when runite ore was 10-11k a pop. Now that runite has fallen from the top tier smithing material, they're only valuable to lv 50-59 miners. Those of us who make elder rune bars are more worried about mining the animicas that take 9-12 swings for 1 ore as opposed to the 1-2 swings for a rune ore.

So yeah, support

Here are some of my ideas on how to fix.

1.) Fix the effort/value of the stone spirit drops by its grade. If the mob/seren spirit/pick pocket was meant to drop the best ore pre-smithing/mining update, it should drop the best stone spirits now. Runite ore drop = Either Animica. Adamantite = Banite, ect ect. This is the biggest issue every one is having without actually saying it. Doing anything that requires 90 skills in thieving/combat/whatever shouldn't reward you with lv 50 not-even-ore.

2.) Smithing armor now is incredibly slow. I suggest allowing x amount of spirits to be consumed to instantly finish a piece of armor. Alternatively you could make it drain 1 spirit with each smithing strike to give you x more progress making smithing faster. You'd need Light/Dark Animica for Elder Rune armor/weapons. Banite for Bane armor/weapons. Ect ect

3.) Just remove stone spirits all together. There is already an over abundance of ore in the market due to ore not running out. So much that elder rune bar components are sitting at 9k while elder rune pickaxes are sitting at 50k . They don't give more exp so it doesn't help skillers in the sense of leveling up mining. It barely helps those who mine for money given the ores that are actually valuable are the only spirits worth anything. They're solely a tool used to grief pvm players who blow half an inventory of fish valued at 30k for a single boss down (not counting potion costs), and then they get 100 adam spirits worth 4.6k in a crashing market. Might get 2k out of them.

02-Jul-2019 21:40:00

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