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While you may not like the cosmetics of it, I happen to know one person in particular who has a very attractive outfit consisting of the torso piece. If it got changed that would be very unfortunate for her.

How about instead they come up with a new gemstone hybrid armor set, maybe onyx? A T60 or T65 hybrid armor set would not be IMBA and they could make it look more "large" and "strong" since its a higher level gemstone.

08-Apr-2019 18:00:48



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Yeah, I guess you're (all) right.

Just got a bit disappointed after collecting all the pieces and finding that I didn't look imposing or impressive, but rather, as previously stated, small and weak. It feels as if the armour is "too close" to the body. Some capes look like they're not attached to the shoulders, necklaces look like they're floating in front of the chest instead of resting on it. Saw that it was released 2013 and thought it might just need a little update. It looks good to me, just a little "tight" maybe is a better word :p

That's an interesting idea Kopaka!

08-Apr-2019 18:16:54

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