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getting components for invention after smith/mining rework is awful. At least when components comes from eg claws, daggers, throwing weapons. The % of getting the items I am actually after is 2 %. Buying the stuff in GE is totally out of the question couse of high prices, and getting eg claws from the guy in Taverly, well, it cost big time.

I used all of those tickets I had from the smith/mining change to get the items needed, but I wasn't even close once everything was used. I had over 4k rune, of 8k steel and made tons of headparts, but close to no swift or light components.

Making enough claws takes forever

Is there anything you can do about this? Pretty please….

28-Apr-2019 15:31:44

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Buy Black weaponry 'cheaply' from shops, try the one under the Taverley Cook shop(trap door) the chap down there will sell knives and claws. The claws seem better value for money, gp/swift part.

28-Apr-2019 18:02:48

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The white knight armoury also is a decent source for everything metal related - it won't provide you enough materials for mass production, but you certainly should get enough to create a couple of whatever you want every once in a while. Otherwise it's an big issue that stores still have bugged prices related to every standard metal item - which obviously still should be fixed.

It also might be worth checking the GE for cheaper salvages - both materials you need are obtained from spiky ones.
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