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when batch 2 of the invention guild came out, I was excited to see all the new machines and what we could do offline with them.. I gathered the odds and ends to make them all, but then quickly learn we cannot have all of the new machines because of the power source..
so I deleted the ones I rarely use and now have the ones I most use..

what I am suggesting to make these better is a high lvl invention item, "the power splitter"- a devise that can turn on and shut off power to the machines, we would then still only have 3 machines running at any given time, but could swap between others rather then delete and rebuild

11-Jul-2018 20:23:05

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seems like a reasonable suggestion, would let us use all the build spots 'simultaneously' without tearing down/rebuilding machines all the time when we want to use a variety of them. Things may be looking down now, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel;
Do you think I should get off the tracks?

11-Jul-2018 21:56:05

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UrekMazino said:
We shouldn't even need an additional item to do this for us, this should've been available by default. Like why can't I just pull the plug of the machine that I don't want to use?

Support, but basically.

12-Jul-2018 08:06:48

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