Make duo slayer great again!!

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Messiah Abel

Messiah Abel

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UrekMazino said:
CoolBeans568 said:

You can already buy them with normal slay points thus no point.

You can buy aura refresh with reaper points, why are you also allowed to buy them with slayer points? This is such a dumb argument.
CoolBeans568 said:
Immortalized said:
i agree coop is dead

Yet it isnt.

Just because you and loads of others might not dio it all that often doesnt mean its dead.

It is.

The main focus if this thread is co-op slayer. And that is completely shut off essentially. I am not talking about bossing or anything either. Duo slayer = deaaadddd

And I know it only says I've been a member for a few months.... I've been playing this game for ages and just not got back into OSRS with a few friends from work/college. So this isn't just some random banter... I believe it will help tremendously.

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