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I really dont like salvage metal

Fr... how is it that something that is SCRAP, literally unuseable, have higher alc values than actual items made from the metal to take an example lets use runite:

ore high alc -> 125
bar "" -> 250
rune mace "" -> 1000
rune mace +3 (takes 16 bars) "" -> 8000

According to the wiki, tiny rune salvage replaced rune maces... alc value 8000
how is it reasonable at all that something that takes 16 bars of the pure material to make have the same alc value as a "tiny" piece of salvage

This has really annoyed me since the update and is really just pure laziness on your part.

I think the best thing to fix this would be to lower the alc values significantly for all scrap, that way the player base would get even angrier than it is with you for the M&S update messing up PvM so that you're forced to just totally reconsider drop tables- which you should have done in the first place/ SHOULD HAVE DONE in the second place with all of the complaining thats been regarding it.
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Completely agreed. This is outrageous! I'm also in tears. Literally unplayable. .
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