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Can we have away to put a limited mute for pets in the location we are at when they are not ours. I mean dogs get pretty annoying and I dont mind a couple brakes here and their, but its very annoying to skill or something and its none stop.

Allow players to limit pet sounds in locations, and this can be achievement also. Turning on limit pet sounds. achievement goal knowing your option settings. I want to keep my Ambient Sounds on.... That is what I'm saying if any dev gets confused.


The running animation feels off each time my player goes to run. I'm not sure the reasoning why but I notice it. I think its the arms freely moving the way they do... I would also like my player to dive into the rock with a pickaxe if im running at it and click onit if that is possible, if the arms are closer to the chest.

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So I was looking over my forums and I come a crossed this but not sure how up to date or if its even helpful anymore. Since I come up with this in Fri 15 Jun 2012. Haha ya I keep records of what I put on forums I'm odd.

I, wish RuneScape added trophies like the PlayStation network & Xbox for hidden quests , mini-games , odd ball jobs.
(This would make RuneScape more interesting). This could be added inside Adventurers log.

Trophies Types
• Bronze
• Silver
• Gold
• Platinum

Hunting (X) number of whatever.
Killing (X) number of whatever.
Doing Hidden Quest (name).
Cutting a (X) number of logs/roots.
Doing (X) number of quests.
Mining (X) number of shooting stars.
Mining (X) Number of ores.
Making (X) Number of rune type without logging out!
Joining the balloon drop party room (X) number of times.
Being the top full dungoneering party member (X) number of games!
Killing Bork (X) number of times.
Cathching Pengs (X) number for weeks without missing a week!
Catching (X) number of pengs.
Warrior Guild playing mini-game (X) number of times.
Playing Pest control rank boat (X) number of times. (nov , ex , master).
Doing (X) number of slayer tasks without skipping.
Playing "magic guild" one of the games (X) number of times.
Being a team player! (done an mini-games or dungoneering by healing others).
Doing jobs around Lumbridge 10/20 times by asking the people if they have any jobs.
Unlocking all the living farm spells.
Burning (X) number of Mith dragon bones in prayer boats.
Rising a (X) number of pets to (100%).
Catching a very rare big fish (Inside a fish figuers)
A VERY RARE FISH Bigger than the other big ones inside the mini-game player help with!

23 Trophies off the top of my head.

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That would be up to Jagex if they want to recognized or start as new in areas.

still wondering if players who have already made progress to these achievements will feel cheated with their previous progress unrecognized...

- Many things JagEx does new, does not recognize older players like quest spins. it would not be anything new if, they did not recognize everything.

How do you think Player 2'll feel for having to catch as many penguins as Player 1?
- If all players started at ground zero than, no one would be cheated. but for Castle wars, the games are now counted.

I was, thinking more of a Accomplishment Trophy on screen.

#1. Fist of guthix, might have to be re-done as the games might not be counted though, but hey. You might not even want to go for that goal in the fist place.

#2. Soul wars, this would give it a extra kick, and once you gone the goal you get extra points to spend. You might have to start over again, but it's a new system.. Again up to JagEx if they want to recognize areas in the game.

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I would like RuneCoins for completing achievements. This way it’s something of a goal not something just to have in game. Than we can buy and unlock shop items. That or make another type of reward system that is not exp linked.

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The Fate of
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Gone Hunting Blind: Purchase the final tier of the Baiter title from the Hunter Mark shop. (or, if you'd prefer to go... blue, "Go Away, Baitin'!" )
Crys Me a Waterfall: Purchase the "Master Fisherman/Fisherwoman" title from the Priffidinas Waterfall shop.

Frogs Leggin' It: Start a Big Game Hunter instance with only one colour of frog appearing.
Not a Herbivore: Complete a Big Game Hunt without ever hiding in the tall grass.
Clever Boy/Girl: Hunt and skin a Big Game Hunter creature in less than 90 seconds.
Arex Predator: Hunt and skin at least 12 dinosaurs within an hour of the first skinning.
Under Pressure: During Big Game Hunter, bait the pressure plate while at least one creature is at maximum alertness.
Making Bank: Build every possible Deposit Box on Anachronia, and upgrade the Bait Box to Tier 3.
Primeval Cuts: Fill a Tier 3 Bait Box on Anachronia to maximum capacity with all types of bait.

Picky Picky: Fill every slot of both the Block and Preferred Slayer Assignment lists.

I Speak for the Trees, And They Say to Cut: Own the Nature's Sentinel outfit.
It's A Trapper!: Own the Volcanic Trapper outfit.

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Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions: Complete a group Soul Reaper task by yourself. (Nex and Kalphite King are possible alone)

Burnt Hashbrowns: Complete a KBD Soul Reaper assignment without using any anti-fire protection and only eating potatoes (I managed to do this).

Relentless: Get hit with a 5000+ damage lethal attack while Immortality is active.

Level 120 Farming:
Kill 50 Vileblooms in the fertile soil patch using a Noxious Scythe.

A Small Price to pay for Nutrition: Kill your Compost Mound familiar by using a bucket on it.

Can I put it in my dungeon?: Capture the soul of a godwar boss or one of their bodyguard in a Ushabti.

Hit me baby one more time: Get max Revenge stacks within 5s of using the ability

Prism of Foil-ty: Charge a Prism of Loyalty under the effects of Barricade.

Smash Ultimate: Use 3 Ultimates within 20s
of the elves

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Indy Cision
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Indy Cision

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Bucket loads of... dragon apples? - Collect x (100? 1000?) buckets of dragon manure from pof
Effi-jeeze how much xp? - Fully open an ancient effigy without using assists
Royal gimp - Forge a royal crossbow while wearing a full royal dragonhide you crafted yourself
Count your luckiest stars - look through the observatory telescope with tier 4 luck
Groundhog day - die 5 times in 5 minutes, spawning at the same spot each time
No point at all - craft all 7 brutal arrow types, killing a zogre with each
Three little pigs. Sort of - Build, cook, and eat 3 mounds of bacon

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Indy Cision
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Indy Cision

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99 problems but combat aint one:
(Fail/mess up in all non combat skills while level 99 in that skill - serious long term achievement!)

mining - Mine for 5 minutes without getting any ore
fishing - Sail the fishing trawler for over 10 minutes, but still sink
woodcutting - Cut down an elder tree while wielding dwarven army axe
farming - Plant a herb seed in trollheim while you have dead herbs in 5 patches
hunter - Catch an ornate tortle, but let it escape
divination - place a divine location while already at your collection limit
herblore - drink two doses of supreme overload salve within 10 seconds
crafting - fail to cut a gem
fletching - move out of range of a bloodwood tree while carrying bloodwood logs and bakriminel bolt shafts
smithing - break a ceremonial sword on the final swing of it's cooldown
cooking - burn a sailfish
firemaking - collect a fire spirit with a full inventory of elder logs
runecrafting - craft runes on the Ourania altar with 4 empty pouches and an empty abyssal titan
construction - die in your own oubliette
agility - fail an obstacle while wearing the full nimble outfit
thieving - have all 8 elf clans simultaneously on alert to your activities
slayer - receive a preferred slayer task, then cancel it
dungeoneering - reset your prestige with zero completed floors

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I ate all
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Feats I succeeded so I know they're possible

Total Meltdown: Get hit by an Acidic Spider explosion and don't die for 10 seconds. (Sign of Porter activation and Immortality count as dying).

Wombo Combo: Heal over 7000LPs total by using Balanced Strike against Arraxor while he's in his cob-shield, then using Resonance against the Reflected damage.

Telo's Why We're Here: Complete Telos Phase 4 without killing any Golems.

SO. MUCH. FLOUR: Defeat Telos at 50% enrage or higher with only Bread for food.

Stalker-Saurus: Successfully hunt a Big Game Hunter Dinosaur without the ring being blue for over 20 seconds.

Two new Raid feats:

Soggy Socks: Defeat Yakamaru with your entire party only using melee weapons.

Unlocks the "the Soggy" title. Was a joke feat I suggested in a PvM FC and it actually worked. Positioning was the main challenge.

Re-voked: Defeat Beastmaster Durzag without anyone using the ability Provoke the entire Raid. Incite is still allowed

Unlocks "the Revoked" title
of the elves

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