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War tortoise
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War tortoise

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more skilling animations for skills that have little to none like runecrafting for example.

more backpacks please

more wreaths.

hows about simple shorts and t shirts please? can base the shirt off the deathcon II shirt if needed, make one of the shirts stripy though, also prehaps offer a long sleaved version.

base ball bat 2h overiide, and simple hat.

could we maybe get some 'icy' items? id like to see some icy stuff in the store to match the fire series?

I'd love it if we got a basic animal as a legendary pet... think like a wolf, nothing flasy no recolors just a wolf, you get baby, adolesent, and adult wolf.
*~War Tortoise

09-Dec-2018 06:34:30

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Here are some suggestions I think people will like (numbers 1 and 2 are the major ones):

1. For one of those limited time return promos, bring back all the old gameblast outfits, they have some useful pieces that are great for fashionscaping! Reddit link:

2. Release some cosmetic quivers - maybe a wide selection as part of a ranger's arsenal pack (high fantasy, realistic, etc). Use the wing slot or a totally new cosmetic quiver slot, but don't use the cape slot. To avoid clipping I recommend putting the quiver behind the shoulder like how you guys did the Skirmisher armor. Reddit link:

3. This last one is just a personal thing, but it'd be cool if we could recolor the metallic parts of the slime hunter armor, same way we can recolor the plumes/cloth. So the metallic parts and cloth/plumes would be individually and separately recolorable. Reddit link:

Edit: Added some links to reddit posts I made about these topics so you can compare their popularity. Keep in mind post age affects the upvote count significantly, the post for #1 is less than a day old while #2 is a few weeks.

Hope this helps!

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Why is the reoccurring theme of this company to KNOWINGLY DENY its players of the most requested updates year after year? Then, at RuneFest, show us updates that no one asked for while the PILE of updates we've been begging for hasn't been released yet.

Bank rework - mobile


More bank space - engine excuses

More actionbars - engine excuses

Options to hide your garbage Solomons bullshit - silent

Themed worlds where Solomons outfits and animations are blocked - dead silent

Combat fixes and improvements that have existed for over 6 months - finally addressed after PI took some time from M O B I L E.

Where're the quests for the last 3 years? apparently no one quests.....??????

The high-level expansions that would have actually proven the concept of expansions in Runescape - failed because you all pussied out after releasing a LOW-LEVEL EXPANSION TO A VERY HIGH-LEVEL COMMUNITY. know why elf city didnt fail? because it targetted high-level players and had nearly full transparency during development.

You guys are killing the game your forefathers created in hopes that mobile will be your saving grace because you fucked up your relationship with the players who made Jagex what it is and are the reason the company still stands.

09-Dec-2018 16:55:31

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This please
Sweet, maybe.
Passionate, I suppose.
But don't ever mistake that for nice.

09-Dec-2018 19:41:24

Ice Sirenic
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Ice Sirenic

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I'd love to see more ice themed overrides, so I'd suggest perhaps some sort of "ice" hood or "ice helmet" or something that can symbolise ice. I personally think there should be a mockup of a phat covered in alot of ice or something such as a royal crown-redesign with an ice theme.

The reason why i want an ice-related headwear is simply because i have ice dyed sirenic body + legs but there's hardly anything that matches the ice theme when it comes to the head, and i don't want the sirenic mask, so I'm thinking more in a direction where it's simply a ice-themed headwear.

Also, i really hope the ice amulet will be available this time, I really want it so i can finish my outfit, the amulet got re-released back in 2014 and i personally believe it should return again to 2018 :(

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Draco Burnz
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Draco Burnz

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Dasmius said:
Retro Mystic Robe sets for outfits, I liked the old design of the Mystic robe set better.

Might want to read this:

Mod Cam said:
I should add... we know retro items are popular. But we really want to look at new fresh and innovative ideas.

As for my idea, id like to see an outfit to go with the snow cape.
Draco Burnz
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11-Dec-2018 21:23:25

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