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Dilbert2001 said:
How can you tell what number will it be when RS3 come out? You obviously can't compare things in the future.

Just saying obviously OSRS has been nosediving while RS3 has been holding up pretty well the recent months.

indeed very true

Oh My Disney said:
Where did all your numbers go tho? that 29k will be the same once rs3 mobile comes out. BET

do you predict the future? will i ever be happy?

but yes rs3 reached it peak it happens but still going strong. especially for a 18 year old game

either way if being serious... ill just say i see osrs heading in the same direction that rs3 did. maybe not with mtx but with silly xp rates etc. i would have played osrs if it wasnt going to be updated as i would have loved it being the same as 07 scape. just bug fixes. but no updates happened. so i knew it would eventually only resemble 07 graphics wise.
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Let me just remind everybody the so called "players" counter on top of the website is absolutely not the total player bases of any Jagex games.

It is obvious that OSRS and RS3 don't have 250-300k "players" combined as Runesape once had. However, the actual real world official Jagex data revealed through Guinness World Records and financial reports as well as public Press Release on member counts show Runescape has more players than ever. You may see "only" 130k "players" now but in fact the actual player base is bigger than the "250-300k" Runescape once "had". That's the real world

20-Mar-2019 21:52:41

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Tenebri said:
scousy said:
Only 1% of players used fixed mode. I was one of them but full screen isn't that bad.

apparently i used fixed on my alt but didnt on this account. it was set up i didnt even notice there was a difference :)

Even a difference of 1% or less, fixed or not fixed screen can mean a lot in the world of programming.

You never know. Removing fixed screen may mean lower or no chance for the bug which caused twisted bows from creating randomly in the live worlds. :)

Who know? A couple of massive global rollbacks due to bugs and/or exploiters may cause the players count to nosedive continuously. Players don't want that. :(

21-Mar-2019 00:15:13

CM Nick

CM Nick

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There are already countless threads comparing the numbers of players in OSRS to those in RS3 - a figure that is readily accessible and viewable to all users.

Since there's not much about this topic that warrants further discussion outside of a "which game is better" argument, I will be locking it.

21-Mar-2019 01:00:17

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