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between a family and work it will take me the rest of the year to reach 99 woodcutting.... :@
I bring that up because of the latest blog on customer support:
"It feels like there are too many bots in some areas of the game."
the thought occurred to me - maybe you wouldn't have so many bots if there weren't so many "busywork" tasks to do... wouldn't it be nice if i could wc while i'm logged out.

to continue that train of thought here were are in the forums.
I've been playing rs since 2001 when i was 12. i'm an old man now and i can't do the 12 hour days anymore. now with mobile its a couple clicks here and there and focus on things i can do 100% afk. i love misc, pof, ports, and inv machines because i can set them once a day and leave, its great! instead of wasting effort on bots can we get some more content in these areas? (more animals, more islands, update misc).
side rant- couldn't careless about bots. they have absolutely 0 affect on me. prices tank and i can't sell things? here's a $10. its fine, that's how i play games now-a-days. jagex's ironfist stance on the topic has always been a waste of time, aside from legal compliance.
forgot where i was going with this... post!

19-Mar-2019 23:39:37

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ToP BaSS said:
"TOO OLD" for what exactly - your rambling diatribe only adds to the confusion.

yeah same thought

what i get from it. is he wants what was a long game. which is now incredibly fast (considering what it is was) even faster? cause hes too busy....??

1Joe said:
couldn't careless about bots. they have absolutely 0 affect on me

this made me chuckle though
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Nice to woodcut while you aren't playing?

I'm too old to play in the NHL. I don't want to either play either. I just wish they would draft me. Keep me on the team. Trade me. Put me down to the minor league. I don't care. I just want the benefit of a paycheque, and my picture on a bubble gum card.
Bite me.

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Lets see here woodcutting is actualy a pretty fast skill to level. Acadias, Jungle Idols. And do not give me the line about being to old there kiddo. I can guarantee you I am far far older than you are. Don't ever think the reason I am peaceful is because I do not know how to be violent.
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