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Perhaps you should look for a different kind of game. I'm fairly certain there are mobile games out there that allow for game progression even whilst inactive, such that you only have to check back once every few hours.

20-Mar-2019 07:11:36

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Too old?

My clan includes someone who's well over twice your age, and 200m in all skills... on just one of their several accounts.

Stop whining and learn some patience.

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20-Mar-2019 07:49:21



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Closing this thread, as it dangerously entered the territory of promoting cheating ingame disguised as "afk woodcutting". Your account should remain with its current stats if you are not logged-in on it. You may not actively promoting cheating to get ahead, but the thread, your message and its context points to that direction.

You are free to exit and re-enter the game whenever you want, but it is not correct for anyone to gain exp without logging-in and actually doing the actions that qualify a gain of exp. I'm speaking as a lvl99 woodcutter, and never been a member.

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