Grace of the elves is broken??

Quick find code: 14-15-219-66090570

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I was mining banite ore with my grace of the elves. It was fully charged and it was enabled. Chat always wrote me that the mined banite was sent to my bank. After an hour I went to g.e to check and sell my ores. The problem is that I couldnt find any banite ore. I double checked it but nothing. After that I wanted to check if its bugged with anything else so I went to mine necrite. So mined like 5 necrite but they didnt appeared in my bank. I was like wtf. The necklace lost the charges but teleported nothing to my bank. I thought thats because Iam playing on phone... But went back to pc and the bug is still there. Anyone else experiencing this?
(Btw reported in-game but I dont think everyone has this problem)

19-Mar-2019 09:11:26

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