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Hello All,

First time poster so bear with me if this is in anyway wrong. I could not find this issue anywhere on the forums or online. Essentially, I am beginning to run through quest as a new member on RS3. I happened upon the quest “ Shadow of the Storm “ to complete this quest of course I need a Black Silverlight. HOWEVER, I must have lost my Silverlight one way or another.

Now this is a quest that was finished on this account WAYYYYYYYYY back when (10 plus years) before all the Graphic Reworks and what not. According the forums, quest guides, etc etc. the only place to reclaim a lost Silverlight is from Gideon Bede, whom I can only talk to, to begin Demon Slayer and that is it, no other discussion can lead me anywhere. When i accept the quest the game tells me it is already completed, when I deny to take the quest he tells me “all hope is lost and Varrock will burn” with no more dialogue.

The quest now appears blue in my quest journal. And tells me to start the quest go to Gideon Bede. But when I push Quest Overview it tells me the “ Quest is Completed” . So I am really at a loss at what to do right now....some guidance would be wonderful.

25-Feb-2019 03:39:08

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Thunder Jinx said:
The demon slayer quest was reworked, so you may need to complete it again.

That's exactly what is not working.

You're not the only one having trouble doing the reworked quest after doing the original in the past. Best send a bug report so Jagex knows about it and can fix it.
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