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All accounts are safe and secure on Jagex servers.

If people have issues with account security like you seem to have had then that is your issue to fix. Jagex can't fix your system security.

You recovered the account back and now complaining and accusing Jagex of giving it away. Again it's down to security. It's also down to how much someone knows about you and your account. Any personal information like old passwords and E-Mail addresses needs to be kept 101% top secret to yourself only.

If someone got access to your account then you may have had a virus or key logger or they knew far too much about you but enough to recover the account. Again it's down to you to keep any information safe and secure.

If you click on off site forums that look like RuneScape forums and input your details you have inadvertently gave the hackers everything they needed to access your account. Again thats down to you to watch what you click.

I've locked this due to several falsehoods within post 1. Jagex do not give accounts away to friends.

If you need further help or advice about Account or System Security then I suggest you make a thread within the Account help section asking the Community Helpers for said help.
Comprehensive Account Security
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