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Hi Runescape recently got back playing the game again in osrs my account is now banned i had 138 quest points done alot of hard quests got fighter torso zerk ring (i) archer ring (i) slayer helm (i) i had quested my def to 45 got anchor everything just needed to get void well to cut the story short my friend who plays the game bots alot and had setup one on my computer and I botted my str at yaks from 92 to 94 overnight and got a perm banned it says not appeal able but I've tried anyways when playing the game I had come accross thousands off bots making real life money from it and all i want to do is get back in game grind out some quests and really not take stupid advice from a friend my account name was skunky boo in game i had a rs3 vet account linked to it also I am sorry for botting and will not do it again my progress alone outweighs this silly bot i used which was called epicbot my friend joe who plays the game his account is called 40 dds 40 and he botted his str and range to 99 that.s how he kinda got me hooked on the idea of doing so I really enjoy the game and wouldn.t mind if you set my str back to 92 and let me have a final chance to play the game

Kind Regards Levi.

02-Mar-2019 09:17:06



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what's not being able to write in distinct sentences got to do with anything mate. I work 50 hrs plus a week to make ends meet came back to play this game as my mate got me back into it. I went along with my mate in botting my str whilst at work so we can do high level pvm together not to make money or ruin the game in any way. People have botted before and got unbanned so I thought id give it a whirl if not then I simply won't be playing the game again and tbh I'm not backstabbing if jagex catches bots then why wasnt my friend punished in the same way i am is it rule for 1 not for the other

02-Mar-2019 10:08:23

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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Botting people only get unbanned if their account was hacked at the time of botting, proving it was not them who botted. The RS Wiki needs a hand, and Bwian's will gladly take the rest of your body!
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

02-Mar-2019 11:59:37

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You botted and got caught Jagex are working well on catching cheaters.

Sorry you won't get any sympathy here. You choose to bot and Jagex caught you.

Threads locked as appeals via the Forums won't be looked into.
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02-Mar-2019 12:28:32

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