Summoning Pure?

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Thought it might be a fun challenge to make an ironman whose only combat skill is summoning, but it looks like I'd need to raise defense, as well. What do you guys think? I have a level 3 made who is just about to gain a level due to summoning. Could be interesting trying to farm charms while only using familiar to fight.

17-Mar-2019 20:10:14

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Thanks! I was thinking Slayer would be a good way to go. Is dungeoneering viable? I don't know enough about it, but I know you can make pouches. I probably couldn't get the materials for them without killing something, right?

17-Mar-2019 20:18:46

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dungeoneering still requires killing them for the charms, so it wouldn't be a viable choice

Thunder's idea is about all you can do.. charm sprites

you could do the arc for the lamps there (if they're available to Ironmen) but that would require very high levels to get the chimes for, and even then, I don't know if it would be viable or not

there's probably other lamp giving activities you could do that would help though

17-Mar-2019 21:13:08

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Thunder Jinx said:
Train hunter and get your charms from charm sprites.

Good luck and have fun :)

Charm sprites are dumb - collect charms at charming moths if u have to...

Better yet, train rune crafting, make vis wax, do jack of trades, mine a star for 50k gp, buy runes and repeat daily. Also do daily tasks.

Ya can make a sum pure ironman. It's easy. 15 mins a day. Mine star, buy runes, make vis wax, jack of trades * 2.

It might take 2years....

Keep playing ur main tho... U might wanna play more than 15 mins some days.


Ps, it doesn't matter what type of ironman u create, mining stars is the best thing for cash.
Skillet? Skill no.

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