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Hoping a mod can anwser this or maybe someone can look into this as a future idea.

So I'm a player that use to be very active on rs3. Talking atleast 5hours plus on working days and 12 hours plus on weekends. Once I maxed th game became stale and I stopped playing.

Fast forward 2 years and OSRS was released on mobile. Naturally I downloaded it for the nostalgia of my child years. Got hooked again and now am playing on the computer again.

My issue is and what I Hope can be answered or made apart of the game one day is, I dual screen my computer and wished to have grinded skills on both accounts at the same time. One on rs3 and one on osrs. But can't log in on both with the same email at same time. Players have suggested that I make a new account and have two login emails to do it. Issue is I'm a father and a provider now since I first started and uno a $13 a month membership isn't bad, but I couldn't justify $26 a month for two accounts knowing I'd have membership on both platforms for the one account.

I'd love it if you could make it so players like me can use both memberships at the same time or atleast explain as to Why we can't atm.

Other than that guys keep up the hard work and thank you.

Ps. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum space. Not 100% sure on these lol.

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Asking to be able to log in on both OSRS and RS3 on the same account at the same time is a little like wanting to have the heads side of a coin in one room, and tails side of the same coin in a different room at the same time, but it is the same coin. How can you have one item in two places at the same time? Splitting them into two separate things would be difficult, not impossible, but not easy to do, and probably not worth the effort, when you can just get another coin for the other room, or another account to play both games at the same time. Hi.

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Jeremy Cheng said:
Support for letting us grind on both games at the same time. It only makes sense and more profit for jagex.
IMO it would be less profit as many of us have multiple accounts to get around this issue. But I could see how the case could be made that more people would renew membership if they could play both at the same time.
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The Supercomputer known as "Zezima" was programmed to test out the capabilities of handling an increased intake of Runescape gameplay, but this caused it to short circuit.

We're not equipped to experience the massive online worlds of both RS3 and OSRS at the same time. It would be dangerous to our health.
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