Can Jmods Pk players?

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Jeremy Cheng
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Jeremy Cheng

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Can jmods pk players in eoc or legacy combat mode on their jmods accounts? Like turn off immunity and fight a player?

Surely it would be allowed since jmods can spawn any item? Would be pretty based to pk a JGod.

21-Feb-2019 19:44:55

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Yes they can, just exactly like they can play minigames with other players.

A J-mod will probably not take part in PKing regular players unless it's associated with some sort of J-Mod event :)

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They can OHKO you. However it would be seen as an abuse of Jmod powers unless its a planned event, and probably get them fired if they made a player lose items without permission. Hi.

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21-Feb-2019 21:43:02

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To my knowledge, I don't think a JMod is allowed to fight a player in the wilderness due to potential "funny business"? I'm sure I heard that was the case a while back...

22-Feb-2019 00:24:48

CM Neriphyra

CM Neriphyra

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@Dong U Dead: I am sorry that you are feeling this way but JMods will never do any actions without being able to prove why and have proper authorization to do so. Your post was removed due to making a direct attack, however, we still invite you to participate in the thread but to be mindful of the content for your post. Thank you. :)

22-Feb-2019 00:35:08

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They must be able to turn off their immunity as a friend of mine recently killed a Jmod skilling in the wild.

We wondered if the Jmod could read our private chat planning his demise.

Found Jmod to be quite a nice person. He was quite social and players enjoyed talking with him.

Mod just dropped 1 gps meaning he thought about dying before going out to the wild.

I suppose, but don't know, there could be different levels of mods that do and do not get immunity?

22-Feb-2019 02:14:31

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