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Molly Weazly
Jul Gold Premier Club Member 2008

Molly Weazly

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Running law runes? I did that for a while and remember being so excited about it. I also remember people paying 1k for a law rune, that made me some pocket change.

One day though someone was asking to buy a law rune and I said sure. When they saw the 1k I was selling for they really got salty. I think that was a sign of things to come but at the time I was like, but.. but that's what they go for? lol

Share your obscure rs memories if you want.

Actually, I don't even remember making law runes anymore and I have a ton in the bank. Thank you lodestones. =p

18-Feb-2019 03:24:33

11 Years F2P
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11 Years F2P

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like 15 years ago when i very first started playing runescape, i used to go to the fally mine, run to the end of it wheres theres no scorpions cuz i was too low lv, mine 14 tin 14 copper, go to the fally furnace, make 14 bars, go to doric's anvil make bronze shit, go to the fally general store and sell the shit and repeat lol. i truely loved that time

18-Feb-2019 03:28:19

Jeremy Cheng
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Jeremy Cheng

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I remember one time I was at varrock east bank and i saw a guy upstairs so i was curious then i went back downstairs and waited 20 seconds and when i went back up i saw a santa and a rune platebody but i was too slow to pick either up feels bad man

18-Feb-2019 03:28:46

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I remember when I heard there were rune rocks in the wild. I looked all over for them but never found them. I really wanted to mine runes like law runes, nature runes, cosmic runes, etc. I found some runite rocks but never found any rune rocks. It occurred to me later that when people said there were rune rocks in the wild, they meant runite. It was a sad realization. Years later the Runecrafting skill was added to the game. Hi.

18-Feb-2019 04:51:59

Final Feud
Apr Member 2014

Final Feud

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...the 21st night of September, love was changing the minds of pretenders...while chasing the clouuuuds awaaay..

Err, I mean, yea I remember the old days. I remember being super poor and one day someone said they would give me a rune 2h for free; I didn't have the level yet but I was f2p and rune was cool. Dude went to the bank and it was crowded af -- my crap computer couldn't handle it and I got disconnected (thanks alot dial-up and intrusive overhead advertisements).

Logged back in and the guy was gone. So I went back to trying to sell rat meat.
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I remember collecting free bronze items from spawns and then going to Lumby Castle courtyard to sell them to players even more nooby than I was.

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18-Feb-2019 08:56:30

Hortic Gre

Hortic Gre

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I remember having almost all skills at the time above 80, then getting excited about the new skill 'farming' coming out. At the time it was useless practically and I was not interested in doing it because everything about it seemed to take entirely to long without any benefits at all.

18-Feb-2019 14:13:09

Sep Member 2010


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My first Member's quest was A Soul's Bane, and I was still using chickens as a food source because I invested no effort into Fishing. Was also my first time encountering Poison. Kept losing against Tolna because I was low level with bad equipment, and only had melee skills at the time. The guide I was using, Sal's Realm of RuneScape, suggested I use Ranged against him. It was slow but I did manage to beat him. I took the Ranged skill a little more seriously from that point on.

Because I kept having to re-stock on cooked chicken, the quest took way too long to complete. Did it on an alt a few years later once I knew what I was doing, and I was done within the hour.
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