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Every month, I purchase 17 GB of internet (4G) for my pocket wifi to play RS.

Wondering if this is overkill?

I do not know the technical language to use here, but, wondering how much on average a player can expect to use when playing RS for an hour?

18-Feb-2019 09:08:23

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If you’re talking about RS3, there’s a large download for the game cache (roughly 5 GB) then after that, you can plan on 50-100 MB/hour depending on your gameplay.

OSRS uses significantly less data. I’ve heard that OSRS mobile uses less than 2 MB/hour.
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18-Feb-2019 09:53:07

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Isn't it more like 100 kB/h? Or do I remember it completely wrong?

Anyhow, sounds like overkill to me.
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18-Feb-2019 12:05:35

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