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Light Gaia said:
Who cares if someone on the internet hates you? It just means you did a good job of making them mad so think of it as a accomplishment lol

You angered that person!! YOU WIN!!!!

Is what the game would say lolol

To paraphrase Brene Brown (my favourite person ever), the thinking of "I don't give a *beep* about anyone* is as toxic as "I don't want anyone to get upset with me".

Rather, you should only focus your energy on the opinions of people who love you for who you are, the whole you. Not the people who love you despite your shortcomings, but because of your faults.

Brene says that we should write down the people whose opinions matter on a 1 inch by 1 inch piece of paper.

Everyone else's opinion should not matter as much, and you musn't give them the time of day.

You'll always be faced with critiques. But the only critiques that matter are the ones who SHOW UP and are WITH YOU in the arena. You don't have the time or energy to attend to people who are just on the sidelines, sitting on the bleachers.
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