Desert Treasure help!

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Hello I am in need for help on starting this quest. I have done all the required quest and got all my skills up to meet the requirements, but the Archeologist keeps saying he is lost in his own thoughts and I am not getting any option to start the quest. I dont know what to do.

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Hiya, Ryturd :)

When the Archeologist is lost in thoughts that means you've not completed all the required quests - Because if you have completed all of them he will tell you to bring some notes to Terry Balando.

Try and recheck if you've infact completed them all.

06-Mar-2019 14:18:27

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Hey there.

Have you got all of these?

Archaeox said:


The quest for Ancient Magicks! You will first need to complete the Death Plateau, Digsite, Priest in Peril, Temple of Ikov, Tourist Trap, Troll Stronghold, and Waterfall Quests.

To do all these, and Desert Treasure itself, you will need the following skill levels:

Ranged - 40
Magic - 50
Fletching - 10
Firemaking - 50
Smithing - 20
Herblore - 10
Agility - 15
Thieving - 53
Slayer - 10

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