close to usingbond-Leveling up

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so when u use the bond u become 2 weeks full member is this correct ?
How is the best way to use these 2 weeks to Level up my combat stats ? Constitution , Defense and Strength ?

23-Mar-2019 03:00:08

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yes 2 weeks use this time to level up attack to 60 and do lost city quest then get dragon dagger then go to pk world and rush people that are fighting and u will make plenty of money

23-Mar-2019 03:07:26

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Conan23A said:
thank you very much

Get the quests mentioned on this thread done and then focus on Slayer.

Whilst you probably cannot make the entire cost of a Bond back in two weeks given your levels, you might be able to get some headway by collecting drops. You may also want to consider training Runecrafting (do so at Runespan) to get to the combination runes as these can be highly profitable, see: . If you reserve a couple of days for that, you should be able to recoup the costs entirely.

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