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Hi, all!

I was just crazy enough to start playing RS a few days ago. Yes, this is the very first time I play RS, yes in 2019. Am I crazy? Perhaps. I'm just looking for a new, true MMORPG experience, something I've been longing for years now (and I know I'm not the only one).

I've always known RS is a big thing, a long-lasting successful MMORPG, and as an old-school gamer (I started gaming with my Atari 2600), I felt attracted by its classic looks.

Is it too late for me to start playing this? We'll see. But at least I want to enjoy the process of figuring that out.

I literally know NOTHING about this game. I just jumped into it and started following the in-game tutorial.

I would like to join a nice community that can help me understand this game better so I can progress, and, most of all, get hooked to the game. Because the better you understand a game, the more you like it, right? Specially if it's a complex, deep game such as RS.

So, is there still room for a crazy newcomer like me in this game?

07-Mar-2019 16:25:21

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That's not crazy at all! I recently returned to Runescape (began playing in 2006) after a few years away and decided to create this account rather than continuing on with my older one, as there was so much new content in Runescape. I'm really enjoying the changes Jagex has made to the game and I think it's a great time to start.

I don't think it's ever too late to begin, Jagex is going to continue to create amazing content for the game, and that just means that there's more for you to learn as you go on. I'd suggest doing Quests and leveling up each of your skills periodically. If you're looking to go for 99 in a skill, I'd go for a melee-based one, while leveling up your Slayer (By killing monsters assigned to you by a Slayer Master), as combat can be a great way to make money.

The Runescape Wiki has literally everything you need to know about each skill, quest guides, money making guides, and basically any other Runescape guide under the sun. We also have a great community on the forums that love to help, so feel free to post on here if you ever need anything.

I would also recommend looking at Clan Recruitment as there's a lot of clans that support newer players.

Welcome to Runescape.
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07-Mar-2019 16:42:57

Elderly Lady
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Elderly Lady

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Welcome to RS, have fun on your travels through Gielinor.
You will see that there is much to discover, slowly but surely you will find its secrets ...
Do you like company then you can always join a clan.

Enjoy the journey that awaits you ...

07-Mar-2019 16:51:58



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Thanks, Elderly!

Actually, I'm already overwhelmed by all the things there are to discover in RS. I don't even know where to start! I guess I'll be taking quests one by one, and see where that leads me.

07-Mar-2019 16:54:16



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Final Feud said:
When I first started, I had never played an MMORPG before, but the experience had such an effect on me that I'm still here, 10+ years later.

My best advice is to just explore and wing it as you go along - expect the unexpected.

This actually gets me excited about the game! We'll see where this game takes me.

07-Mar-2019 17:04:50

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best thing to do I think, is to try every skill out. have a play with them and see which ones you like.

another good thing would be to do some of the quests, low level ones are sometimes quite funny and some are more serious, there are others that will also test your patience!

its never too late to play rs, and once you start, you can never quit :P

07-Mar-2019 18:15:08

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Hiya there, SStilo!

Welcome to Runescape, It's never too late :)

The best advice I would give you is to join a clan - Get fellow scaper-friends that can assist you as people are usually very helpful in clans.

So I'd recommend checking out Recruitment - Social & Community Clans and look for any clan that feel might suit you! Social and community clans rarely have any requirements so you shouldn't worry about that.

Feel free to add me if anything

Best of luck on your adventures!

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