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Hi, Can we get a video on how this is going, or a beta so we can play it and give feedback, then you can update the beta just like if it was done in live game. kind of like how you guys did with the eoc. I started playing this game because of mining. I don't care what others say I want this mining and smithing to happen. I am sure you would have a few play it. like bring it all to the beta killing monster for the new drops this way the ones that hates the mining can do combat and they can give feed back on that part. Let us use our main character port it over so we have the stats or something and give us shops to get gear and weapons,picks stuff we need for combat and mining/quests. It would be a lot of working getting this set up I know this but it might save you all a lot of time in the long run. let us do quests this way you can work and fix one thing at a time and if you fix one thing and it crashes and we lose stuff it's ok it's beta testing. and maybe setup a bug report that will go to one place that all the devs that are working on the beta can see this. This way it keeps it from the live game so it's not wasting others time. for the players that help with the beta give them a pick over ride for the live game when the mining and smithing comes live. something cool looking.

11-Sep-2018 13:38:07

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