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nothing i'm really interested in was hoping for more quality of life stuff but that may be in the dailyscape stuff I honestly don't know how they will address that

27-Apr-2018 01:47:36

Great Briton

Great Briton

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Hello i am here to bring a few things up that has caught my eye ,Player owned farms .
Now it looks great and a few positive comments and negative comments have been posted on the official YouTube post .Obviously you can't please everyone .

A few things if i was behind the lines working on this i would have come up with something a bit extra special .First the problem us the player will face with trading is scammers and to stop this i always used the GE and i never trade one on one with another player unless they are family ,
So if by any chance you don't have a way to trade with other players via some kind of grand exchange mini version or via the GE then no trading will take place via myself.

Next i would like to say the whole concept looks great ,good art work and everything as a whole ,But i would have incorporated the large fields that grew crops into this .that's providing you have not thought of it.
now a large field that grows crops would have been great to be used for the operation of manure,So you grow wheat ect to make hay you grow corn to make food for your live stock ect ect .

This would have to be done in a way as to not gain to much xp as that would kill it.but to be important enough to actually encourage people to do this.
there was a mention on one of the official Runescape vids about stables ,that these might also be brought into the game at a later date.

It was mentioned that we could be having races this sounds good how ever could you find something else to do with this as i have an idea that i have put forward for years .
I remember when player owned house first hit our screens and by god those where fun times i was looking forward to getting the banner easle lol.

now this alone could come back into play and make all this sort of thing active again.
the way you do this is you provide a area for jousting and before any one says look we have no horses i know ,we have unicorns.

unicorns dressed in full knightly gear for jousting.

16-May-2018 02:05:51

Great Briton

Great Briton

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But not just unicorns we could have other creatures used for this mini game .

I have also noticed that there as been a drop in the number of players i don't know if i am right or not but the last 6 month i have noticed this and is a cause for concern. but lets look at bringing people back ,to do this you need new content but not just for the very high level player .as i feel at the moment everything is aimed at high levels.

you should be thinking along the lines of material to encourage new players and to start them off on there travels .
a new player will always start off in a free world so give them something new a small taste of what they could have in a members world .
Sorry to state the obvious but you will earn more over the long run if they get addicted to members content.

Now here is something that could help with that what about giving every skill to free to play
but to place a cap on the members skills to say for example level 20 .
this will encourage them to become a member and gives them a chance to see what the skill is like. now you can't do this with invention obviously but the other skills you can.

Now mobile i will never use this to play this game for one it cost far to much not only to play the game but also you have to pay your phone provider so makes it very expensive.
and your only on a small screen so its not like your getting your money's worth.

Clan content just recently as come to a stand still and not many are getting involved with clans .So this area needs to be looked into .Now the new boss you are bringing out would have been perfect for this problem .players are stating the fact that they will find it hard to get teams of 7 to do the boss and a clan is like a family so the 7 man boss should have been made for clans .

you do great at bringing stuff out but you tend to lack that little fineness to really sink your claws into. Well i hope all this as helped and i look forward to seeing you guys in game .


16-May-2018 02:36:53

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