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I've read everything posted about the mining/smithing rework. I watched the livestreams involving the mining/smithing rework. I played a decent amount of the mining/smithing rework beta.

I just am not excited for it at all. And to be completely honest, I'd prefer the current way mining/smithing works over the upcoming rework.

Just take a few QOL updates from the rework, like making mining rocks not deplete, except make them more like trees where you can get multiple from 1 rock before depleting rather than unlimited. And I'd be fine.

I just feel like the rework will do more damage than good, and cause more annoyance to train than anything we currently have.

19-Apr-2018 23:29:51

Serene Steel
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Funny, because a good chunk of this update isn't just for training purposes. It's for the people who will actually go out of their way to make gear and have it be their "top tier PvM" activity, so to speak.

In that regard, it excels.

Did you miss the final bits of the beta? They had the 'Smithing auto-heater" where every time your item hit 0% heat while you smithed, it would consume 1 coal and heat it back to 33%, mimicking the current Smithing mechanics.

For Mining, you can do what you currently do and get 25% less xp and resources in return for being AFK.

Really, if you want it to be the same as it is now, there's nothing keeping you from treating it as such. You'll be less efficient, yes, but it'll act like this Legacy Smithing we have currently.

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19-Apr-2018 23:39:46 - Last edited on 19-Apr-2018 23:55:48 by Serene Steel

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First of all, disagree. This is a necessary change to optimize outdated game content.

Second. This is an update many including myself await for with high expectations, because it's handled differently from other "major projects", this time by running through step-by-step with reddit to make absolute sure that it works out. If it does, then it will re-define how major projects will be approached in the future and restore faith in people like me.
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20-Apr-2018 10:24:57



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Whether the mechanic is fun or not is not important - we will get bored of it soon or later. Just like dungeoneering, exciting in the beginning, but gradually we rush the floors and demand more and more "QoL" updates. (e.g. key not occupying space, key sharing between members) This is just what normal person behaves.

What is important is what can this rework achieve.
"Now smithing has a use and can get high end weapons/armors instead of bossing!"
Is that really that simple?
It is all about supply and demand. It is really diffcult to strike a good balance. Mass producing from smithing and it will devalue the PvM drop. Reducing the chance of smithing high end weapon too much and we get a nice dead content (or just as a training method if the exp is decent)
The most viable method, as I can think of, would be
- repairing armor requires material and smith skill (Or gives to npc and charge you a huge sum); But this has the down side of removing a gold sink
- The dragon model (boss drop material only, and require smithing level to make the weapon/armor); but since smithing is too fast and gives decent exp, vast majority of profit will still goes to Pvmer (vs flax and bowstring model; spinning flax is slow and gives minimal exp, so it is still profitable to spin flax)
- A "PvM" like high level smithing. we no longer AFK the smithing, and smithing weapon require skills. A reference model is the ceremonial sword model, which requires a bit of skill from player, the smithing skill itself, and some luck to get a high end weapon. By this smithing become an important rate-limiting step with skills required, and possibly can generate profit. Downside is that a decent and balanced minigame has to be designed, which Jagex usually has difficulty to do so. (Well, jagex seems to be only able to design playable PvM now.)

23-Apr-2018 06:31:37



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Beats killing afk monsters and being showered with adamant and rune bars. The mining skill was like invalidated by how much you gain just by killin some slayer monsters. Least this makes the skills the main source of bars/ores with their scale system replacing drops.

Really pointless to have lvl 99 smithing make lvl 50 armor. Smithing was completely pointless as it capped at rune,it hit its limit and needed to be changed. Only thing that got better was xp rates at higher lvls not the product.

Think the only drawback so far is invention components, I usually made adamant stuff for swift or whatever so wonder if they will rebalance that. Since its gonna take forever to make just a single item now. Haven't read what they are gonna do with that.

23-Apr-2018 16:59:26

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B I L L Y said:
I wanted it to be a 120 oh well

same it would have been a perfect time to bring it to a 120 even if they dont have stuff for 99-120 yet when other things are ready for 120 they could easily just add stuff to fill those levels... seriously they should have polled 120 mining and smithing with rework but doing that is obviously too smart of an idea for them to come up with lol... seriously 120s are the future for rs the way i see it and they just keep delaying the inevitable all the end game content is creeping up on 99s and 99s arent that hard to reach these days eventually they will need expand past 99 might aswell do it now who cares (besides elitists) if we dont have anything for those gaps yet

24-Apr-2018 01:33:44

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