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I am looking forward to the rework to me it makes sense...

The point about it being 99 instead of 120 is because most people have reached a combat level that surpasses their smithing level and means that smithing is pointless from an armour point of view as by the time you get to 99 smithing you're likely to have gone past lvl 50 defence and already have better armour from monster drops or buying it. They also said that if it were to go to 120 it would make T95 armour and would also need combat stats to go to 120 which would probably need a major monster rework.
The way masterwork T92 is done gives you a reason to keep using mining and smithing in a way that's useful post 99 if like me you're not bothered about exp for exp's sake.

For invention/summoning anything that uses bars should be fine as they're faster to smelt than the current system and pvm drops are working off a salvage system (drop table and spring cleaner design doc) so as not to destroy the mining and smithing skills for the sake of invent. Alch prices on monster drops actually work out better, but spring cleaner ends up worse.
I'm not sure what the current plans for smithable diss/alch are but they can just up the amount of components per armour piece it's not compulsory to have to make masses of armour, also they can keep disassemble to lower/faster armours.
For me alching smithed items for profit was never an intended mechanic and is more to do with the current broken system. Profit post rework should come from selling things for making masterwork or completed masterworks (T92 degrades to broken and needs a new masterwork to fix) or the +5's to people who want faster exp.

I'm in favour of having non depleting ore, it's better than world hopping for rune but they have made a point of putting the main ore and the secondary ore for each tier at opposite ends of the map to encourage some movement.

And if you want something changing or tweaking it's still in design stage so you could just ask em

02-May-2018 10:41:02

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Serene Steel said:
Nex is Life said:
Have Jagex thought at all about how smithable items are disassembled by the hundreds of thousands to make gizmos and farm components?

I doubt it since they forgot that you can smith ranged weapons, or about steel titans.

I doubt they have forgotten.

The biggest talk has been about what they're going to do for PvM as most mobs nowadays are crutched by the high alch prices of metal items and the prices of massive amounts of raw ores.

Last I heard was talks of "ancient" variants of metal gear. I.E. an "ancient rune chainbody" can be high alched for the current payout of a rune chainbody or it can be disassembled, but it can't be worn.

Don't quote me on that though.

Actually you are correct on that, that's exactly what they said in the livestream

10-May-2018 00:55:48

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