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Xp rates go up so you have time to try the new content. So much new content which is a lot of fun will be blocked forever for newer players if the xp rates are stale. Life is short. It takes about 2 yrs to get 200m in a warband skill so if you log in for 15 min and play nothing but wb it will take you 10 yrs to get 200m in all 5 wb skills. This is excluding sum and pray. Ain't nobody got time for this waiting period.
I know math sucks but it tells you that you should play for fun.

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boidaez said:
history dictates exp rates and drop loot goes up over time, should we quit for a year or 2 to no exp waste?

Your progression of logic makes no sense. Regardless of what the exp rates are in 2 years, if you quit for that time and come back, it will still put you well behind everyone who didn't quit. That means you'll be struggling to catch up so you can participate in the content that they've already mastered and even potentially moved on from.

There is no bigger exp waste than not playing.

12-Sep-2017 19:54:50



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wel theres fishing and theiving

could of saved over half time on theiving priff

and half time on fishing waterfall

what next, walk the log in ardy shortcut for 1mill exp an hour?

sti's and std's worked the same way, the longer time goes on the more powerfull they become

why waste our time with not releasing all skill updates in one go instead of doing them one at a time
how do we prioritise what skills we do or are we players well an d truly stuffed

obviously your focusing maybe on new players and pushing 120's. but why the hell do we have to suffer real life waste > exp waste
how are we to know if soon all skills will be 800k exp an hour and like 250 hours gameplay for each to 200m, thats taken us from like 10 years to newbs to get 200m everything in like a year and a half

that would render all th keys pointless too, whats the point of buying bonus exp if your only going to dbl skills exp rate anyway

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boidaez, in the first instance, your thread was not discussing any specific, future update at the time. Bumping it again, nearly 7 months after the fact, and adding nothing further of relevance, has resulted in this thread being closed.

Before you post again, please make sure that your topic is relevant and offers scope for others to discuss your point of view. If you wish to share negative feedback, without the onus of provided suggestions for solutions, please post in the Rants forum.

10-May-2018 02:37:13

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