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Chief Elf

Chief Elf

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I'd like to give a shoutout to
, though I'm not sure if she frequents this subforum. Arguably, one of the speediest and most prompt member of the Community Helpers team. Whenever I refresh the Community Led Help subforums, I find that Malua with her speedy fingers have already addressed a new thread. Sometimes, I wonder if Malua ever sleeps at all because a new thread will present itself at an odd timing and sure enough, Malua would've already made her move!

Even my Elven dexterity is unable to keep up with Malua. I sometimes wonder what species or race Malua belongs to.. or which part of Gielinor she came from.. (is she even from Gielinor?)

*fingers on chin, thinking emoji*

I am unable to sleep soundly until these questions have been answered!!
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