Jagex Acquisition

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Citi Bank

Citi Bank

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Jagex has recently been acquired by a US investment firm, which if rumor has it right, could be Platinum Equity, a fantastic leading private equity firm based in California. If Platinum is indeed the new owner, I have no doubt the community here can expect great enhancements to all things Jagex/ RuneScape.

I'd like to congratulate the Jagex team on this deal. Whoever the acquirer may be, it definitely sounds like a new owner would very much help Jagex grow, improve, and pay down some debt.

Kudos to the executive team on being proactive on corporate strategy. The future of RS depends on it! I am an Investment Professional at one of the top 3 largest private equity funds in the world and I very much appreciate the collaboration with big league private equity investors, such as Platinum.

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