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This was quite the read :p

I enjoy most of your concepts, however I fear that this project might be a bit too large. Don't get me wrong, I'd love it if this came through, but I doubt Jagex will have the resources/time for it unfortunately.

Nevertheless some remarks. Your idea looks a lot like Darkscape, without safe spots. What I really like about this is that you don't lose any levels when you die, however, maxed players will have a massive advantage over other players in this new world. Might be more fair to think of something like Deadman Mode on OSRS where you start from scratch and have like a 5-10x multiplier depending on where you are located.

Furthermore, you talk about no communication in the game. I like the idea behind it, but it's not going to be effective. Many people would just use Discord or other systems to surpass this. I would even allow PM's so many people can work together and the ones that are really good at PVP can also get killed. Furthermore they could learn how to PVP better when communicating. Downside to this is that pro PVP'ers can also group.

I also like the DMM implementation where you lose the X amount of most valuable items in your bank. The reason for this is that when people go skilling, they just bank everything and have nothing to risk in the end.

Instead of fog, I would provide maybe 2 safe zone locations with a bank in the New Wildy. Maybe you and I don't mind being at constant risk, but others might be repelled by it (and the idea is to revive PVP ;) ).

Removing the enemy dots from the minimap would also give an unfair advantage to those that have ultra long distance on. A solution might be to limit the player's sight to maybe 5-10 squares in every direction.

Will boss drops be broadcasted?

A last point I wanted to address is that I like your system of points in which you can smuggle items to the real world, however, I fear this brings in too many items which will make the new PVP unprofitable again.

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It might be interesting to have the points fluctuate based on the price of the items. This way you would have a sort of economy where the items won't crash as bad and doing the minigame remains profitable. Another idea could be to also be able to buy hard to obtain items (say Raid's gear) from Mandrith with your points. In short, we need a sort of token sink for it to remain profitable and at the same time not make the entire RS3 economy crash.

PS: I'm currently in exams, but if you want you can add me ingame and PM me after the 31st of January. I'd love to continue this discussion :)

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Hey Stoic, thank you for your response :p

I read about the valley of peace, but I don't think you mentioned a bank being there, only it being a safezone where you can skill.

About the skilling part, it would be very easy for people to skill and just bank every so often so they don't lose a lot. If you implement the Deadman implementation, you have 8 slots (I think, correct me if I am wrong) where you can add items which you will keep anyway, but if you die, you lose your 5 most valuable items. I strongly believe that this will make the mode more exciting but also more frustrating, so it's a bit of a tradeoff.

For the raids armour, it would depend honestly, because if you make it very expensive in the shop, maybe the Raids teams won't complain (hopes up ^^).

When I was talking about the distance limit, I may have been a bit unclear. What I meant is that you can see 5 - 10 spaces on your minimap. This would give you a short timespan in which you can react. Besides that I would keep the wildy mechanics where you can see combat from a distance but the player isn't visible until you get closer.

I will give the entire document another read in the near future, so I may be able to come up with more items to discuss :)

Thank you for the goodluck wishes :D

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Hi Stoic,

Could always change the amount of items to lose, to say maybe the 3 most or 2 most. I think it'll make the new wild a lot more fun and dangerous at the same time. The random death mechanic, maybe let them spawn inside the valley of peace? They can easily restock on supplies and bank to get their gear out. Also what I was saying is that you'd be pretty much forced to bring your good gear out, which makes the combat also more interesting because everyone would be risking something. You mentioned that your skilling would be a lot more ineffective if you bank all the time, but gathering a lesser amount of items is always better then giving them away to someone who pk's you. I mean I think it would be a good mechanic to keep the world PvP based.

Secondly, I had been thinking about people just using 2 accounts to get points, cause unfortunately that's what's going to happen. I was thinking that you get less points each time you kill the same person without killing someone else. Sadly, they'll just use 2 accounts instead of 1 to kill :/ Any ideas on how to counter this?

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