New G.E. option for lending

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I support this idea. It can br someone brokr and need to lend t75 just to start making money so someone lend him per/h for like 50k or so. I see potential here and benefits for the the borrower and the lender.

02-Nov-2018 03:47:03

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No support.

The actual ge can be empty of different things from time to time. We have 8 ge spaces to buy or sell. If we only had 1 space to lend, it would be too empty - all of the time.

What happens when the actual ge is empty? Noobs pay too much.

Lending via the ge will be more scams than fun. People might well "be able to" buy the item for less than it might be lent. Ge slot for lending is a very bad idea. It will cause many more tears than cheers.

Potions keep coming to mind. 1 dose, 2.... Etc. Imagine being able to set the time ud like to lend an item... 1hr, 2hrs etc... Borrowing items would be a nightmare and open to getting burned and scammed hard.

I would only support such an idea with very real restrictions and limitations.
1. We can only lend for ONE "set duration" ie. "All items lend/borrowed/hired via the ge will have a 6 hrs duration - no more, no less, that's it."
2. We do not get to set the price to lend. The price will be automatically set @ 0.5% of ge value.

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