Problem with Bank Codes

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Ok I realised that when you log out of your account and decide to straight away log back in the bank code doesnt reset. This is problematic as if someone were to hack you, they could potentially get into the back without using the code.

I also want to ask this, I believe there should be different bank codes to use if you get what I mean? For example on my Samsung S9 I have different forms of accessing my phone. I believe there should be different forms of a bank code to reduce the chances of someone being hacked.

What do you lot think?

21-Mar-2019 23:23:54

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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The bank PIN isn't asked when you lobby as you're still logged in, just not to a specific game server. There's a toggle to turn it off I believe.

If you want, you can set your bank PIN to be your authenticator code, meaning it would change constantly.
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22-Mar-2019 11:51:44

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