Mithril Jewelry Crafting?

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Yandere Kami

Yandere Kami

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So, I was going through some of the ore related lore from the rework...

"Mithril is a bluish purple-tinged metal which is both stronger and lighter than steel. The early dwarves used it widely in their equipment and machinery, but by the end of the First Age they preferred the more durable adamant and used mithril almost exclusively for jewelry. Mithril is the strongest metal that humans can easily work with, because it can still be melted in primitive coal furnaces. Being rare on the surface, it was highly prized by the early Fremennik and swords made of the material became valuable heirlooms."

So, Mithril was used to make various jewelry? That's interesting. Any chance we'll get mithril crafting implemented in the future? Maybe it could use multiple gems for new, more unique effects. Thoughts?

06-Mar-2019 02:33:37

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In a bizarre twist, Mithril is now midway between Silver and Gold at level 30 for both mining and smelting it.

It certainly doesn't disqualify it from such a purpose, but worth noting that the Family Crest is currently required for storing both of the other jewellery ores in the ore box and ore bank, but that would be a rather unfortunate thing to add to Mithril.

I feel like it could hypothetically be used for niche cases of jewellery, but a whole new set like Silver got might be slightly overdone. Not that there aren't plenty of interesting things they could have it do.

Combinations of gemstones is a fun concept but sounds unrealistic from what the jewellery we already have is like.

06-Mar-2019 03:13:53

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