Throwing Spikes

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Throwing Spikes are a ranged weapon and look like jacks from the game jacks. They can be made of wood or metal. These allow you to wound an enemy or create a sort of temporary safe spot from which to fight, make potions, rest or whatever you would like to do in an area that might see combat. They have enough points that no matter which way they land, some points will always stick up. In real life, metal spikes like this were used to stop persuing horses and would pierce their hooves ( poor horses, I know, right?)

In the game, these spikes would not be very effective against mages, as magic spells could pass over them. Also, one could simply do a telegrab perhaps, picking them up for themselves. Maybe however, they could be enchanted to absorb the magic? This magic could in turn be used to boost your adreneline, heal you, or other effects.

They would not be very effective against dragon breath, but then the magic of runescape could perhaps have a way of reflecting even that.

Of course arrows or ranged weapons could pass over them.

They may be effective against animals, wounding summoning creatures, and anything that likes to go in for close combat, such as goblins, ogres, giants. They may even wound some dragons.

They could be enchanted to wound ghosts.

Even if they break, the pieces left could be very pointy and sharp.

If in a PVP situation your enemy is able to walk over them, they can gain agility experience.

You also will have a sort of temporary safe spot, but you will have to pick up your own jacks before you leave the spot or attempt to jump over them yourself, gaining some agility.

They could be coated with poison, for added effectiveness.

They cause immediate loss of HP as well as a damage over time.

These can not be taken into some combat situations or some mini games.

Low level players throw them erratically while higher range and agility allow for throwing them in more intricate patterns and wider range around you.

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Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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bur0k 0bama said:
the name you are thinking of is caltrops not throwing spikes

Thank you, I couldn't remember the name of them. I was watching some historical videos and I do see a lot of interesting weapons.

One was a really weird whip made out of strips of metal with serated edges. I can't remember what that was called.

Then there was the Vajra. I think it called lightning down. It is made of metal and has a shape on the end like a claw or a lotus flower. People fought wars over this thing and modern people don't know how to use it. But if you do it will end the world, I think.

There is a rock on some island and whole wars were fought over this rock. Different islanders wanted to control this rock and move it even just a few feet to their own side of the island. It is a strange rock with holes in it and if you blow into it like a trumpet, the sound is heard all over the island. I think Easter Island? Most people come to see the heads and they don't know about that rock. It is against the law to blow into it, but some tourists try.

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