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Contents (no, not the actual contents)
A brief description
A history of Pants
The diversity of modern-day pants.
The application of Pants in runescape.

A brief Description.

Pronunciation: /pan(t)s

1;British Underpants or knickers.

2;chiefly North American Trousers:
corduroy pants
(as modifier pant) wide pant legs

3;British INFORMAL Rubbish; nonsense:
'This thread is absolute pants'


mid 19th century: abbreviation of pantaloons.

For the purpose of this thread the use of the first definition applies.
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The history of pants.

In the beginning, (Approx 7,000 years ago) it began with the loincloth.

Archaeologists have discovered how Prehistoric man resolved the issue of having a neccessity to protect their nether regions by the simplistic use of a long strip of leather fabric that passed between his legs and tied around the waist resembling a nappy.
The Hawaiin malo and the Japanese fundoshi were of this style.

Evidence has also been found around the world from Egypt;

"King Tut was buried with dozens of fine linen loincloths cut in a natty alternative style – a triangle of fabric with strings on the longer ends. The garment was tied round the hips with the material hanging down the back, and it was then pulled through the legs and tied."

To Greece;

"The Ancient Greeks had loincloths, although there is speculation that only slaves wore them; citizens went commando under their chitons."

In the Roman times, choices began to diversify, Wrapped loincloth, or a type of shorts became known as 'subligaculum' commonly worn by gladiators. By the 13th century, loose pull-on underpants called 'braies' or 'braccae' were invented. These baggy, calf-length drawers, often made from linen, originating from the celtic and Germanic tribes were adopted by the Romans. In the late middle ages 'chausses' (padded legwear) more commonly used under a knights armour, which only covered the leg, became worn as clothing by the richer classes.
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Over the following years (Renaissance period) the chausses and braies merged into one and became tight fitting, with a convenient flap for urinating through. That buttoned or tied flap – the earliest codpiece – wasn't actually covered by outer layers, so Henry VIII, never one for modesty, began to pad his. It has been suggested by some Historians, that beneath Henry's appendage, may have been hidden the medication-soaked bandages needed to relieve the symptoms of his syphilis. Men free of venereal disease, meanwhile, used the tumescent codpieces as a handy pocket.

After the death of Henry VIII the codpiece died out and a gentleman's underclothes took on a geometric shape and became tight fitting as dictated by Queen Elizabeth I. With the use of padding, quilting and whalebone, clothing overall took on a more feminine and triangular approach, with both men and women using corsets. Men's pants specifically, were knee length linen with a simple buttoned flap.

Enter the industrial revolution and the emergence of the 'cotton gin' machines, making cotton fabrics widely available and seeing the beginning mass production of underwear. Also enter Hanes and his mass produced 'union suit', which provided coverage from the wrists to the ankles. The union suits of the era were usually made of knitted material and included a drop flap in the back to ease visits to the toilet. Later on during the second world war when materials became scarce, these union suits were issued to US soldiers where they earned the name 'long johns' after the boxer John L.Sullivan wore them in the ring.

The introduction of the bicicyle, also saw the Chicago sporting goods company Sharp & Smith invent the jockstrap in 1874, to provide protection for cyclists on cobblestone paths.
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The 1930s saw another major innovation, elastic waists to replace button, snap, and tie closures, again inspired by the boxing ring and the true, very first 'boxer shorts' created by the founder of Everlast, Jacob Golomb.

In 1935 a nearly bankrupt Coopers Inc. release the world's very first Jockey briefs in chicago, designed by 'apparel engineer' Arthur Kneibler, the undergarments had no leg coverage and a Y shaped overlapping fly dubbed the 'mackky' (not to be confused with the Munsingwear kangaroo pouch) since it offered a degree of support that had previously only been available from the jockstrap.

During the second world war, for the first time colours were introduced. White underwear was deemed too conspicious when hung out to dry, and as such soldiers were issued drab olive briefs. The preferred undergarments of this period were knit briefs, broadcloth shorts with buttons, and the union suit.

For the rest of the 20th century, the battle of boxer shorts vs briefs swayed back and forth. Both claimed health benefits. Proponents of the tighter brief suggest that it's best to have one's package neatly contained. Boxer fans say it's natural to hang free, allowing air to circulate. From the 1950s, colour and pattern were mainstream, and new fabrics such as rayon, Dacron and DuPont Spandex allowed tighter fits – and even briefer briefs.

1970's Pants become less practical and more alluring, with designers such as Calvin Klein, Sauvage, Ron Chereskin, and Tommy Hilfiger, underwear has become provocative with advertising primarily aimed at buying for their partners. With a vast variety of designs, pants are no longer bought for practicality but are more of a statement of our personalities, from the striped white and blue boxer shorts that are synonymous with yuppies to the tight stringed European budgie smugglers that are a favourite of Peter Stringfellow.
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Diversity of modern day pants;

At the time of writing this there are currently many different styles of undergarment for both sexes, ranging from the baggy pantaloon to the tight miniscule cheese string type known as the thong for female wearers, and boxing briefs to visually offendable g-strings for men.

Boxer shorts; An elasticated waistband with leg sections that reach mid thigh, commonly with a fly both buttoned and unbuttoned.

Boxer briefs/Trunks; Are a form-fitting like briefs but are boxer short in style.

Briefs; Tight and elasticated with the leg sections cut close to the groin.

Thongs; Cut closer to the groin and the material at the back to fit snuggly between the buttocks.

A personal fave is the budgie smuggler, although not specifically an undergarment per se, they are of the same style of speedo swimming trunks that are normally worn without trousers. They come in a variety of brightly coloured fabrics, and are usually worn by males who have a desire to show their confidence via strutting like a peacock.

Female varieties; (Also known as panties/knickers)

Briefs start at the waist navel area, and have full coverage in the rear.
Classic (or full brief) are similar in nature but extend below the hip, these are sometimes referenced as "granny panties".
High-cut (or French cut) is designed with narrower sides.
Boyleg (or boyshorts) are similar in style to men's shorts.
Control panties (or control briefs) typically made from spandex, these are purposefully made to stretch to give a slimmer appearance.

Hipsters are worn around the hips and are similar in appearance to briefs.

Tangas are a combination between the thong and bikini, consisting mainly of a thin waistband with moderate to minimal overall coverage.

Thongs are similar to Tangas but the material at the back is reduced to fit between the buttocks which evens out at the waistband.

The G-string like the name implies is a string connecting to the waistband.
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Runescape applications.
From everyday cooking shrimp to the slaying of arraxor (and the possible accidents that could happen to those of a nervous disposition) Pants are a required and ultimately a needed necessity. Some form of added protection wether that would be in the form of defensive stats or special abilities would highly benefit any runescape player.

As runescape has risen to a new era and the 6th age is now upon us, it is only right that pants and an equipment slot to facilitate these wondorus apparel should be implemented. With technological advances and new discoveries such as the runespan and the Elven city, life has become easier for the adventurers of gielienor and its inhabitants. Whilst already having the technology to create baskets via a loom, common sense would suggest that the next revelation would be pants. By introducing a tutor of pants it may be a good suggestion to incorporate them into the crafting skill, which would ultimately give crafting a much needed boost, and re-invigorate the skill.
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Utilising already ingame resources such as polished buttons and spidersilk, a rough implementation would look like this;

Craftable Pants

1...........Loin cloth.................Tanned cowhide.......Thread..........................Hardly any
5..........Sack pants.................Sack............................Rope.............................Miniscule
10........Woollen briefs..........Ball of wool...............Polished buttons........A little
25........Bloomers...................Yak hide.....................Steel nails....................Slightly more than a little
35........Frilly pantaloons.......Spidersilk..................Thread..........................OK
55........G-string......................Bowstring.................Bowstring....................A bit more than OK
70........Control briefs............Sack...........................10 Magic strings.........Nice amount
80........Posing pouch............Batwing....................Imphide........................Quite good actually
95........Studded leather........Black d-hide............Onxy bolt tips..............Way too overpowered
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Skilling pants.

Woodcutting; Tight fitting briefs, added protection for your chopper (hatchets unbreakable)
Agility; loose brief style boxers to eradicate chafing and a -2 to weight.
Slaying; leather studded ensemblage that causes aggression +2 to attack
fishing; bloomers that also act as a net (possible new catchable crustaceon?)
Thieving; Head slot equipable, bonus to pickpocket.
Herblaw; Budgie smugglers, one use per day, generates free feathers.
Construction; Hi visibilty type with a holographic band +2 to construction level
Dungoeneering; Loincloth gives an extra bind.
Runecrafting; posing pouch, stores extra runes.
Prayer; Holey pants, used to regenerate prayer points.
Fletching; G-string, use to string unstrung bows.
Crafting; woollen britches, produces free wool when stringing amulets.
Divination; codpiece for storing memories
Farming; Form fitting trunks, increases yield.
Hunter; Long johns used to net salamanders.
Mining; Y-fronts, Y not? +1 to mining.
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With the 6th age upon us it is a time of gods rising and a period of uncertainty, where chaos has arisen and the very fabric of underwear garments stretches from wool to PVC. In a world without balance, and a future undecided, a shadow of incandescent and malevolent energy manifests in the rift. Thoughts of the need for comfortable protection are threaded with the concious need of fashionable and stylish undercrackers. What begins as a distant whisper slowly grows into a furore of pure energy, swirling and growing with intensity until a plucky adventurer opens their wardrobe in their PoH to be met with the full force of what has now become the god of pants.

Pant-a-loon is a benevelant god, A God of creativity and boldness, Both supportive and firm (Albeit with a questionable fashion sense). A God that strives for its worshippers protection and comfort everlasting.
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