Storm Shards and Shatter Stack

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Sky of Ice

Sky of Ice

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We can currently trigger all the damage dealt by the Storm Shards ability up to a maximum stack of 10 using the Shatter ability.

It would be great if a 'stack number' or rather a 'stack indicator' was added such that the players could see how many times they've dealt damage with Storm Shards, instead of manually counting the number of times. This would make it more user-friendly and can really help whilst using the ability strategically for PvM.

Let me know what you guys think!

12-Mar-2019 19:25:11

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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Would be nice indeed!

When you go for the full ten, the Storm Shards ability becomes unavailable according to the Wiki, so then you know you're at the max, but only then you know the size of the stack. Wouldn't work of course for smaller stacks...
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12-Mar-2019 20:36:24

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